Keynotes & Workshops for Teachers

Coping with Teaching

(because it's not your fault!)

*Best format: Keynote up to 90 minutes

This keynote takes a lighter look at education for a serious purpose. Susan shows teachers how to decide what we can fix in education, what we need to let go of, and how to tell the difference. Teachers will gain practical ideas for the classroom while relaxing and enjoying a few laughs.

Teachers will discover:

  • We’re not alone – we don’t need to feel isolated in the classroom
  • How to deal with the little things that wear us down
  • How students can benefit from humour lessons
  • How changing our perspective can lighten the load
  • How to share our problems with a laugh
  • How humour makes life better – for us and for the people around us
  • AND … How to use what we learn (or, “Hey, I can use that line in MY classroom!)
*Workshop title can be customized to fit your convention.

**Available via Zoom

How to Teach Humour for Stress Relief, Life Skills and Fun!

*Best format:  60 – 90 minutes

*Zoom meetings available

This workshop is an informative and interactive session discussing the place of humour in your classroom. Susan has “lived” humour in her own classroom and has developed actual humour lessons suitable for the grade eight (and up) level. She will discuss how humour works in the classroom and how to solve and resolve problems through humour. This will spill over to the staffroom as well.

After participating in this workshop, teachers will:

  • Be able to discuss humour with their students
  • Teach a unit about humour to Grade eight (and up) students
  • Encourage students to bring out their “inner comic” by developing a funny story about themselves.

Teaching Art with No Art Room,

No Budget and Lots of Kids

*Best format: 90 min – 3 hours

* Zoom meetings available

This workshop shows teachers new ways to organize their classroom to accommodate supplies as well as the artwork done by students.  It introduces different art techniques with special focus on three-dimensional media: Clay, Soapstone, and Paper Mache.

Teachers will discover how to:

  • begin an art programme
  • organize their regular classroom, one medium at a time
  • start small and build on what they have
  • teach specific art techniques
  • look good when the principal drops in – because your class is too quiet!


Luncheon or After Dinner Comedy

*Best format: 30 – 40 minutes

Stand up comedy that will contribute to our “Wellness”! Clean comedy because you never know when Mom will show up.


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