Increase student memory, retention and creativity by connecting with your students through humour

Susan Carter, B.Ed.
Teacher, Speaker, Comic

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    Keynotes and workshops that promote creative connections with your students through humour.

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    Books, lesson plans and ideas for those teaching art with no classroom, no budget ... and lots of kids!

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    Susan’s special events include Ladies Nights, Christmas Parties, Retirement Parties, Weddings and Fundraising.

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Why not use Susan for a keynote AND breakout session on the same day?

Or for a keynote AND some humour at that breakfast meeting?

Teachers - are you

Feeling isolated and overwhelmed?

Doing a job you love, but going a little crazy?

Working longer hours every year? Looking for a way to help students deal with bullies?

Feeling overwhelmed by budget constraints, technology and administration?

Susan knows you can’t fix it all, but you CAN deal with the little things that wear you down. She taught school for thirty years, twenty seven of which were in Junior High! She decided to start doing stand up as a solution to HER stress from Provincial Education struggles in 1992.

Susan Carter, speaker teacher comic, Alberta

After experiencing Susan, you will be able to

Infuse humour into Monday, or maybe the whole week!

Make time for a shared joke in the staff room - especially the one about tweezers and the bathroom.

Start thinking of humour as teach-able.

Laugh at the system enough to find a solution - for you - for your class - for your family

Books and Resources

Teaching Art with No Classroom, No Budget ... and Lots of Kids!

Teaching Art with No Classroom, No Budget ... and Lots of Kids!

Practical ideas for running your art program.

Humor Lessons

Humor Lessons
to Empower Kids of Any Gender

An enrichment resource for your classes.

So You Want to Be a Junior High Teacher ... Are You Nuts?

So You Want to Be a Junior High Teacher ... Are You Nuts?

Humorous observations about teaching.


“You were the highlight for me. Everything you had talked about I could relate to. Like I said-even the underpants thing! Honest, you had me crying I was laughing so hard.”

Vicki Stafford

Susan Carter: Supporting teachers to connect with students so they can enjoy teaching on a deeper level with creativity and humour.

A speaker, teacher and comic, Susan Carter finds humour in everyday situations and offers creative solutions to cope with the stresses of teaching.

After teaching Junior High School students for thirty years, Susan created successful programmes to help teachers connect with their students while having fun in the classroom.

Teachers who attend Susan’s sessions leave with an understanding of practical techniques for refueling and rediscovering teaching while re-engaging with students.

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