Helping Teachers Balance Their Time
When There’s So Much to Do!

Tips for Time Management

Susan Carter, B.Ed.
Teacher, Speaker, Comic

My Services

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    Keynotes and workshops that help teachers make the best use of their time and connect with students ...

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    Resources for Teachers

    Books, lesson plans and ideas for those teaching art with no classroom, no budget ... and lots of kids!

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    Susan’s special events include Ladies Nights, Christmas Parties, Retirement Parties, Weddings and Fundraising.

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Time Saving Solutions

Teachers can be overwhelmed by marking, phone calls, prep, emails and student behavior. As a teacher for more than thirty years, Susan has experienced and observed her colleagues dealing with these challenges. Susan shares time saving solutions to give teachers breathing room and lighten their workload.

After experiencing Susan, teachers will be able to:

Susan Carter

Your workshops were so well-loved last year that we would like to book the same ones - Art and the new teacher tips - for this year.

Laura Syms, KTTA Professional Development Chair

Creative Solutions
to cope with the everyday stresses of teaching.

A speaker, teacher and comic, Susan Carter finds humour in everyday situations and offers creative solutions to cope with the stresses of teaching.

After teaching Junior High School students for thirty years, Susan created successful programmes to help teachers manage their time, connect with their students and have fun in the classroom.

Teachers who attend Susan’s sessions leave with an understanding of practical techniques for refueling and rediscovering teaching while re-engaging with students.

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